Planning. Pre-opening. Staffing. Implementation.

There are all kinds of challenges when you aspire to the highest standards in your hotel, spa or resort. Very often, owners and developers have a clear idea of their goal, but struggle to turn it into reality. That’s where the expertise of Luxury Hotel Consulting is so invaluable.

Drawing on extensive experience in delivering some of the best luxury services in the world, we help shape your vision and turn it into reality. We then work in partnership with all the key stakeholders to ensure that even the tiniest detail isn’t overlooked.

The business was founded by Liv Gussing Burgess, who brings a wealth of experience of opening and managing hotels for Amanresorts and other leading hospitality innovators. Her philosophy is that guests can be thrilled and delighted by attention to detail. A minimalist aesthetic and an eye for the comfort of the client can be so much more powerful than grand statements.

Of course, to achieve a coherent whole, everyone involved in a luxury hotel or spa project needs to work together. It’s only in this way that you’re able to find appropriate solutions and create a product which is truly bespoke and unique.

Those responsible for finance and planning need to be in step with the architects and interior designers. In turn, these professionals need to understand how their decisions are going to impact on the client experience. Liv is able to act as a vital creative catalyst in the process – making sure that everyone has a unified focus and that your resort comes to life in the way you originally imagined.